Black Bean {Baked} Tostadas

black bean tostadas 4.5

There are two things that are almost guaranteed to happen every week: taco night and food truck night. Every Wednesday a bunch of food trucks line up a few blocks from our house and so of course we have to check it out.  Lately we’ve been obsessed with the kimchi fries and the frozen custard.

black bean tostadas 3

But let’s taco ‘bout taco night (funny I know!). Since it’s a weekly occurance, I try to mix it up. This week I chose tostadas. I baked my favorite white corn tortillas with a little drizzle of olive oil on top – the best!

I topped them with refried black beans, pepper jack cheese, sliced radishes and green onions. The radishes and green onions provide a fresh crunch.

black bean tostadas 6

Not pictured: hot sauce. I added a little drizzle of hot sauce on top of my tostadas right before I devoured them. Taco night success!

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Red Beet Kale Salad with Honey Dijon Vinaigrette

beet kale salad 1

Yesterday I went out for a girl’s lunch I came home with a massive food coma. I had a delicious (but very filling) lentil-tomato-veggie “sloppy joe”, the best onion rings I’ve ever tasted, and truffle fries. Oh, and a lemon cookie ice cream sammy. No regrets. I enjoyed every moment of it…but I came home with the “I-need-to-eat-salads-all-week” feeling.

beet kale salad 2

I had no energy (or room in my belly) to make a real meal yesterday but I managed to roast a few beets that i knew I could use today. Roasting beets ahead of time is the way to go – saves you so much time! If you roast extra beets, try this red beet hummus recipe.

This kale salad is topped with roasted beets, garbanzo beans, sliced radishes, a sprinkle of feta cheese, and a honey dijon vinaigrette.

beet kale salad 3

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Lemon Pesto Chicken

lemon pesto chicken 1

I’ve been making this meal often lately, so I thought I should finally share with you! Since we all need an easy weeknight meal, I know you’ll love this one.

lemon pesto chicken 2

3 ingredients: chicken thighs, pesto, and lemon slices. Okay, there might be more if you don’t already have a cup of pesto handy, but that’s easy to make! You can use this or this pesto recipe…or a store bought jar will work just as well.

lemon pesto chicken 3

A few slices of lemon on top, and you’re done. Beautiful and delicious. Serve with veggies and rice or quinoa.

lemon pesto chicken 4

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PB & Apple Rice Cakes

pb & apple rice cakes 1

Tonight I was on my own for dinner since Matt was at the Warriors game (go Warriors!!). As you know, I love to cook. But here’s the thing – sometimes I just want a simple meal. Yes it’s true, I don’t always want to cook.

pb & apple rice cakes 3

I stumbled upon these brown rice cakes in the store today. I topped the rice cakes with chunky peanut butter, slices of golden delicious apples, and a drizzle of honey.

Okay, this probably isn’t a sufficient meal, but it’s a great snack to munch on when you’re hungry and know you should avoid the cookies.

pb & apple rice cakes 2

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Orange Peel Fruit Cups

minty coconut fruit cups 4

If I had to choose a favorite meal, I would most definitely say brunch. The yogurt and granola, the chocolate chip pancakes, the biscuits and gravy, all of the fresh fruit, the coffee or tea…how can you go wrong? And if you’re having an Easter brunch this weekend, you can have a little (or lots) of everything – the best way to eat brunch!

minty coconut fruit cups 6

minty coconut fruit cups 3

Back up a few steps to all the fresh fruit. I made these pretty little fruit cups today. I sliced a few oranges in half, scraped out the juicy fruit, and used the orange peels as little fruit cups. I mixed together the oranges with some strawberries and blueberries for the filling but you can use whatever fruit you have or love. Top with fresh mint and shaved coconut for a little fresh bite and color.

minty coconut fruit cups 5

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