day one

I got home the  other day, had the apartment to myself (besides the company of Cinder the cat) and decided – I’m going to start a blog. I’ve been playing around in the kitchen since I was a little girl, standing on my step stool, helping my mom stir the mac and cheese or add the chocolate chips to the cookies. My family is full of talented cooks, so I lucked out as a child. I’m grateful that my mom let me be her sous chef, which turned me into the foodie I am today.

For the past three years, I had a job that took all of my free time (including dinner time and many weekends), which left me a little crazy and exhausted. Good news – I quit two months ago, hopped on a plane to Hawaii with my best friends, and came back to a lovely new career at a lovely new company. I now leave my laptop at work and get home at 6 everyday.

To keep me company with all this free time, I’ve decided to do what I love most: chop, saute, measure, and bake. My boyfriend and sous chef, Matt, and I love cooking together and we are always finding new recipes to try and improvising on the fly. With my new and improved work-life balance, we have struck a new chord and cook and bake almost every night.

To whoever is out there, I look forward to sharing my cozy meals (and desserts of course!) with you!