4th of July

Since the 4th of July long weekend is coming up and you’re probably looking for something to bring to a BBQ potluck, I thought I’d collect and share a few of my favorite recipes. Enjoy the fireworks!

4th of July food 1 text

Blackberry LemonadeCucumber Lemonade

Cilantro Black Bean DipSummer Cilantro & Corn Salad

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Tortellini Bake with Tomato Basil Sauce + Jalapeño Popper Turkey Burgers

Strawberry S’more Cupcakes + Apple Crispy Crumble

Avocado Egg White Salad

avocado egg white salad tortilla roll ups 1

It’s true, egg salad sandwiches don’t have to be slathered in mayo. In fact, they don’t even have to include one drop of mayo. But how do the eggs stick together, you ask? With avocado, of course.

Avocado is like the Windex of ointments (‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ – remember?). Add it to anything and your meal is better.

avocado egg white salad tortilla roll ups 2

So instead of mayo, I “slathered” the egg whites with avocado, fresh dill, and minced radishes…and rolled it all up in a whole wheat tortilla.

avocado egg white salad tortilla roll ups 3

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Cucumber Lemonade

cucumber lemonade 1

There are a few words that make you only think of summertime: ice cold lemonade.

Typically, I’m a water-aholic. I drink it all the time, all throughout the day, with every meal. I don’t even like the taste of soda (although I’m a sucker for homemade root beer). But- and this is a huge but – I love lemonade. Especially all the fun variations of lemonade – like the blackberry lemonade I posted last summer.

cucumber lemonade 5

This past weekend, I made cucumber lemonade, which is perfect because it’s more on the savory side.

I peeled, chopped, and put a few cucumbers into my food processor to puree. The cucumbers are filled with a lot of water, so it purees easily.

Unlike fruity lemonades, you need to strain the pureed cucumber through a steel mesh strainer to only collect the cucumber water (otherwise you’ll get the grimy cucumber remains in your teeth).

cucumber lemonade 2


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Avocado Toast with Nectarines and Prosciutto

avocado toast with nectarines and prosciutto 4 text

“I know guacamole is extra.” – my favorite avocado quote at the moment.

Last night, Matt was working late and I didn’t have the motivation to prepare a grand ol’ meal for one. So I put together a few of my favorite things and whipped together avocado toast with a few thin slices of nectarines and a few pieces of prosciutto. This meal is for all of you with only enough energy for 5-minute meals.

avocado toast with nectarines and prosciutto 1

Five minutes later, I was sitting down, eating avocado toast, and watching my favorite summer show – So You Think You Can Dance (I love you, Twitch!).

avocado toast with nectarines and prosciutto 2

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Baked Jalapeño Poppers

baked jalapeño poppers 5

Last weekend I made jalapeño poppers to munch on during an NBA playoffs watch party. They were such a hit and people kept asking me for the recipe so I thought I’d make them again (much smaller batch) and post the recipe for you to enjoy! Matt says thank you for making me make them again :)

Two things that are different than your typical jalapeño poppers: 1) I bake them – no need to fry! 2) I make them open-faced – you get twice the amount of poppers for your guests to enjoy.

baked jalapeño poppers 4

These have a little bite to them, so if you’re not a huge fan of spicy, they can easily be milder if you sub the pepper jack cheese with Monterey jack cheese. Also, make sure you take out all the seeds and especially the ribs (the white part) of the jalapeños. Contrary to popular belief, the ribs of a jalapeño is the spiciest part.

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